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Our individual BGM consulting

Through direct process consulting, we jointly develop the basis for more efficiency and measurability in BGM. In this way, you keep an eye on all relevant key figures and can react in time. We accompany you from the current state analysis of your occupational health management processes to the individual implementation of our digital BGM tools. We provide the answers to the necessary role assignments, individualised configurations and interfaces to all systems that manage absenteeism.

Ease of work thanks to well-structured digital processes

Corporate success is strongly influenced by the health, motivation and performance of employees. In order for a company to remain competitive in the future, it is therefore essential to establish or continue a systematic and comprehensive BGM system.

Sustainable BGM structures for a healthy and successful company

The most important cornerstone for a successful company is healthy employees. BGM therefore aims to develop operational framework conditions, structures and processes in such a way that work and organisation can be designed to promote health. By implementing our digital BGM tools, you can keep track of all relevant key figures and thus increase the success of your company.

BGM process consulting – Our toolbox

In addition, we are your competent partner if you want to optimise individual processes in your health and safety management. Saneware-Software offers a range of software tools to raise the quality of your health management to a new level. Let our experts advise you and increase the efficiency of your health and safety management with your customised software toolbox.

Designing BEM processes digitally and efficiently

We guide you through the BEM process securely and digitally. BEM cases are recognised automatically, cover letters can be generated digitally and then sent. You can coordinate appointments and check measures directly in our software.

Mental risk assessment

Risk assessment of mental stress has become a much-discussed topic among experts in the field of BGM. Most people know that, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Arbeitsschutzgesetz) § 5, risk assessment also includes the assessment of mental stress. However, there is still uncertainty about how to do this. We will be happy to advise you on how to carry out mental risk assessments in your company.

Conduct surveys in your company

Employee surveys can determine the mood and satisfaction about specifically selected aspects and topics, such as work procedures, cooperation, stress and health management.

KPI management

Absenteeism is often a challenge for companies and the workforce. Learn how to analyse and reduce absenteeism. With the measurement of all relevant key figures, these are considered an indicator for the successful measurement of your BGM and are thus a benchmark for the action management of your company.

Utilisation and accounting of BGM measures

You would like to implement measures within the framework of BGM and are interested in the possibilities of financial support? There are various funding models from sponsors that support you in the introduction of BGM and the implementation of core processes. We are happy to advise you on the financing of your measures. You can also find more information on funding in our specialist articles in the magazine.

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