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Mood Analytics. Your service for satisfied employees

With Mood Analytics, we offer you employee surveys as a service.

Surveys developed jointly by Brainfeet GmbH and Saneware Software GmbH make it possible to always have your finger on the pulse of your employees.

Our team of experts evaluates the data from the employee survey and presents the data to you in a personal consultation. In addition, you will receive a final documentation from us.

Always have your finger on the pulse of your employees.

Mood Analytics was developed to be customized to your individual requirements and to provide you with concrete starting points for the further development of your business organization.

The surveys offer a large set of questions on employee satisfaction, employee commitment, teamwork, leadership culture and special issues such as mental risk assessment.

Conduct and easily evaluate employee surveys

Employees can participate in Mood Analytics only digitally and guaranteed anonymously.

Participation is simple and straightforward: a link or QR code is all that is needed. A computer or smartphone ( even a private one) is all that is needed to take part. No personal data will be stored.

With Mood Analytics, we identify clear starting points for you and provide concrete recommendations for action in the consultation based on the data and results.

Employee survey and consultation

with Mood Analytics at a glance:

Kick-off workshop

Before the kick-off workshop, we will send you a checklist for an initial analysis of the company data.

The results are discussed in the kick-off workshop and further action is determined on this basis.

Specifically, the respective goals, the target groups, the contact persons and the areas of interest are defined here.

The duration and frequency of the employee survey are also decided here.

Support and process guidance by our experts

You select 5 modules from a total of 21. You can change or adapt these for each run.

With each survey run, you decide anew which modules you want to query.

Furthermore, we will be happy to provide you with in-depth advice on the implementation of measures.


evaluation and recommendations for action

The results are processed by our experts. On this basis, clear starting points are identified.

We provide you with concrete recommendations for action in direct consulting.

Based on the evaluation and the consultation, you can immediately start improving your follow-up processes, specifically address your employees, as well as derive and prioritize suitable development measures.

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